Mathematics is a wonderful subject underpinning many other disciplines. We give the strongest mathematical grounding to all our students, whilst showing them just how useful, fascinating and interesting Mathematics can be.

Our Mathematics curriculum provides every student with:

  • The ability to apply mathematics to other areas of the curriculum and real life situations.
  • A feel for numbers and understanding of the significance of results obtained.
  • Confidence in the use of number, algebra, shape, space, measurement and handling data.
  • An ability to think and communicate mathematically, precisely, logically, creatively and independently.
  • The ability to solve problems, present solutions and interpret results.

We ensure that every student reaches their full potential in Mathematics, to provide them with the skills and knowledge to make informed financial and data decisions and positively contribute to future society.

Click on the links below to find out more about our Maths curriculum. Further information is available on our VLE.

What will each student study?

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