Kindness Challenge with John Magee


Kindess Matters John Magee

A group of our Year 9 students are working with Mister Consequence, aka Kindness Coach and author – John Magee, this half-term.

John set them a “Kindness Challenge” where they aim to perform a Random Act of Kindness each day for a period of 30 days.

This could be something as simple as smiling at a stranger, offering to run an errand for an elderly neighbour or to help at home with a chore.

John spoke to the students in assembly and spoke of his disadvantaged upbringing and how it was through simple acts of kindness that he and his mother were able to turn their lives around from being homeless and sleeping on friend’s sofas to him writing the bestselling book – Kindness Matters.

“Life is all about choices and from your choices comes the ability for you to take action and, from your actions, there are always consequences. Once your students understand that every action can hold a positive and negative consequence, they can take responsibility for their actions and choices to create a ‘roadmap to success’.”

During the next few weeks, John will be working with our students on helping raise their self-belief and confidence, as well as spreading kindness.

Furthermore, he will help them reflect on their actions and the positive consequences they can create for themselves, their peers and members of their wider community. The challenge will bolster our students’ aspirations, social interactions, behaviour, attitudes toward learning, respect, and community cohesion.

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