Internal Examinations for Years 7-10 – 21st May to 29th June



Blackburn Central High School will be holding internal examinations for Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students during May and June 2018.

During these weeks, students will have end of year assessments in most of their subjects. This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their learning over the last academic year.

It is vital that students acquire good revision skills from an early age and become accustomed to having linear style exams.

We will be supporting them at school by giving advice on how to study and also providing revision checklists and materials.

It is important for your child to begin their revision as soon as possible for these important exams. Please support us by enabling good study routines at home.

In order to help your child to be fully prepared for each assessment, now would be a good time to check that they have all the equipment that they need.

Please ensure that they have at least two black pens, two pencils, a ruler, pencil sharpener, eraser, compasses, calculator and a protractor.

There is no need for your child to be worried but please do contact their progress tutor or subject teacher if they or you are particularly concerned.

The exam weeks will take place as follows:

  • Year 7 exam week: 25th – 29th June. These exams will take place in class.
  • Year 8 exam week: 25th – 29th June. These exams will take place in class.
  • Year 9 exam week: 21st – 25th May. These exams will take place in class.
  • Year 10 exam week: 18th – 22nd June. These exams will mirror actual GCSEs and take place in the Sports Hall and other rooms depending on the exam.

Mr S Braithwaite
Deputy Headteacher

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