Inspiring Tomorrows Doctors


This term Blackburn Central High School hosted Inspiring Tomorrows Doctors event for our Year 8 students.

The day was a big success and the trainee doctors who ran the workshops were very impressed with the hard work and curiosity shown by the BCHS students.

Student feedback about the day was amazing with Zahid commenting “I found the event informative and interesting. I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the human body area as I already knew some of it and it was fun to expand my knowledge. I would like to do it again and I also learnt about the knee jerk reflex!”

Faheem said they “…found the event interesting and got to examine a variety of different areas to do with the doctor profession. I also learnt to do CPR which was my favourite lesson.”

Rio was very impressed with the event: “Inspiring doctors was very fun and I learnt many new things which will come in handy. I learnt CPR where you have to do 30 pushes on someones chest. I also learnt how to stitch skin which was hard but fun. I now know a lot of bones and muscles too.”


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