I Spy Numeracy


numeracy dice

Numeracy – often alternatively called ‘mathematical literacy’ – is a life skill. It means having the confidence and competence to use numbers and other mathematical skills in areas of life.

At Blackburn Central High School students in Year 7 and Year 8 have been involved in an I Spy Numeracy activity where they identify what numeracy they have learnt or used in a lesson and with which teacher.

At the end of each week a raffle takes place and three members of staff will receive 1 of 5 exclusive  badges.

Numeracy Award

Congratulations to the following who have received their first badges:

  • Miss Shuttleworth in English for Calculating a ¾ of an hour.
  • Mrs Marshall in Design Technology for symmetry and 3D shapes.
  • Miss Rossi in Geography for working out how to navigate a 1/3 on a relief map.
  • Mrs Cahill in Geography for using split bar charts (compound bar charts).
  • Miss Haworth for drawing shapes in textiles.
  • Mr Robertson for using percentages in ICT.
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