Hello to our Spanish Sister School


Spanish sister school

Blackburn Central High School have been luckily enough to be linked to IES Xosé Neira Vilas, a secondary school in Spain.

Since September, some of our Year 8 and 9 students have been working with IES Xosé Neira Vilas sending videos in Spanish and English to get to know the other school and the students, the area in which they live and how life is in each country.

On Thursday 19th April, we set up a video conference with the school where some of our students had the opportunity to talk live with the students in Spain, and have conversations in Spanish and English.

Not only did the students improve their language skills, but also gained a wider understanding of life in Spain and realised that both sets of students have a lot in common!

The video call was a huge success and our students did BCHS with Crosshill proud, putting on their best Spanish accents and showing off what they have learnt!

The students enjoyed the experience and had fun making some new friends. There will be more exciting Modern Foreign Language related activities and opportunities in the future!

IES Xosé Neira Vilas website

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