Healthy Eating Week 13th-17th June 2016


Heathly eating week

During the week commencing 13th June BCHS with Crosshill supported Healthy Eating Week with students taking part in challenges in and outside of school hours. The aim of the Week was to promote healthy eating and drinking, being active, food provenance and cooking.

As part of Healthy Eating Week students had the opportunity to take part in five daily challenges with a focus on behaviour change, these challenges were ‘have breakfast’, ‘have 5 a day’, ‘drink plenty’, ‘get active’, ‘try something new’.

Students and staff both had the chance to try a range of new and different healthier foods and drinks that were on offer in the school restaurant during breakfast, break and dinner; including breakfast smoothies, malt loaf, granola, natural yogurt, curried rice, and Chinese noodle salad.

Our Food Technology teacher Mr McCrone held a Master Cook competition with students pairing with members of staff to demonstrate a range of skills in the preparation of a variety of dishes, and also taught about the sensory testing of foods in lessons. Miss Cliffe, Director of PE, kept the students active with fun exercises every morning.

We’d like to thank Morrisons supermarket 104 for their amazing donation of fresh fruit and vegetables for our sensory testing of food lessons.

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