Grandparents’ Day


Grandparents' Day

To celebrate the strong links we have with family and community, BCHS with Crosshill held their second Grandparents’ Day.

Students were asked to invite older members of their family into school, to have a cup of tea and a chat with staff and other grandparents in a relaxed and informal setting. They were then given tours of the school by Lead Students, and staff were on hand to answer any questions they had.

Deputy Headteacher, Shanaz Hussain said of the event “We all recognise the valuable work of grandparents and older relatives, whether it is helping the family with childcare so that parents can work, or the advice and support they give their families, including our students here. Our Grandparents’ Day is going from strength to strength, with more people attending this year than last. We are not just ‘the red school on the hill’, we are more than that. We are the heart of our local community.”

Many of our visitors were keen to see how students learn – so different from their experiences at school – and took time to enjoy the community-based art projects in and around the school.

“I can understand more of what my granddaughter says to me about her day at school. I can visualise the rooms and the school as she tells me about it. Coming to Grandparents’ Day has really opened my eyes to how secondary schools look in 2016” said the grandmother of a Year 7 student.

Another grandparent added “It is so technical and different – not a piece of chalk or blackboard in sight! Everything is so light and airy, I would have loved to have come somewhere like this.”

“What really impressed me was the sense of unity and belonging the students have at BCHS, it was so good to see how several cultures can all work together in harmony, and learn from each other too.” remarked the grandmother of a Year 8 student.

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