Girls Out Loud visit Police HQ


In conjunction with the Girls Out Loud programme a group of Year 10 girls from BCHS visited Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters in Hutton, Lancashire.

The purpose of the Girls Out Loud initiative is that each girl or “Little Sister” is paired with a “Big Sister” who is from a professional background, such a police officer, solicitor, or in a senior management role in a large company or organisation, such as Graham and Brown, or Warburton’s.

They work on one-to-one to help the “Little Sisters” increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, raise their career aspirations and reach their potential.

The students were able to visit the communication and control room, where emergency calls for the whole of Lancashire were being answered and responded to. They got to watch the police dogs in action, and also visited the stables where they learnt about the police horses and were able to feed and stoke them. The students enjoyed their time with the police animals and presented them with additional career pathways; “I really want to work with horses or dogs, and I hadn’t thought of being a police officer, but now I am interested in becoming one.”

The students on the Girls Out Loud programme had an amazing time and feedback was very positive: “I had thought I may want to be a police officer – now I’ve been here, I know I do.”

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