GCSE Exam Results Available Thursday 22 August 2019


Head Students 2018-19

Students will be able to collect their GCSE exam results on Thursday 22nd August, between 10:30am and 11:30am.

Please enter schools through the main reception and collect your results from the Dance Studio.

Students can only collect their own individual results. If someone else is collecting your results, they will require written permission from you and proof of their identity.

Please do not make telephone enquiries to examination bodies or school. Exam result information cannot be given over the telephone. Results will be posted home, if not collected by 11:30am.

Enquires about Results

Enquires about your results may be requested if there are grounds to believe an error in marking has been made. If a result is queried the Exams Officer, teaching staff, and Headteacher will investigate the possibility of a re-mark at the school’s expense.

When a school does not support an enquiry, a student may still apply to have an enquiry carried out. If this is against the advice of subject staff, a charge of approximately £40 per paper will apply.

Access to Scripts

Within three days of receiving their results, students may ask subject staff to request the return of their exam paper, if students do request this then a charge of £15 will apply.

GCSE re-marks can not be applied for once an exam paper has been returned.


You will receive a letter during October explaining arrangements for certificate collection, including your Celebration Evening, which will be held on Thursday 21st November 2019.

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