Game On at BCHS


All this week the Reveal Theatre Company have been at Blackburn Central High School running their GAME ON workshop for all of our Year 9 students.

Game On is an engaging workshop process where students are informed, explore and find positive resolutions to extremist ideologies that can threaten our communities.

Game On highlights and reiterates School’s Policies for Internet Safety in relation to online games and websites that promote extreme ideologies making young people vulnerable to radicalisation.

Game On works with the students to explore the issues of cohesion, anti-racism, religion and extremism and how they can have an impact on our communities. It explores with the young people difference, diverse cultures and religious beliefs that are part of our communities and how their values are part of or can become part of Great Britain. The students also explore the view that if those communities do not work together to understand difference, religion and diversity, how this could lead to a creation of an environment where extreme ideologies become embedded enabling those extreme views to flourish in our communities.

Our students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills in order to deconstruct the extremists’ ideology, and are asked questions such as ‘What narratives are being used by extremists?’ “How are extremists able to be selective and twist “truths” in order to recruit to their ideology?”

More about Game On and the Reveal Theatre

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