Forensic Workshop at UCLAN


On Tuesday Mrs Williams and Mrs Jowett took a group of Year 7 BCHS students to a forensic workshop at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).

The students were based in one of the university labs and conducted an investigation to solve a ‘murder’ case.

They carried out DNA analysis using electrophoresis which involved lots of micro scale measuring and advanced techniques that they wouldn’t normally use until university level.

They had to make their own special gel used in DNA analysis and then use a micro pipette to measure tiny amounts of numerous chemicals.

There were lots of steps and they all listened carefully to the instructions and in the end most of them were successful in achieving DNA profiles for the suspects and the victim.

There was a lot of information given to them and some difficult concepts, but they showed very good understanding, giving some good answers in discussions etc.

In the afternoon, the second part of the investigation was to view samples of hair and fibers from the victim and the suspects, through a microscope and record their observations.

Once they had collated their DNA results with their hair and fiber analysis they had to conclude who committed the murder. Again, most of the students were correct.

The students had an outstanding day and were very enthusiastic and well behaved. All of the students positively contributed to the sessions and the university staff commented on what a nice group they were.

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