Extinction Event at Chester Zoo


On Monday some of our Year 7 students visited Chester Zoo to find out more about many of the wonderful animals in the world, and how zoos help to prevent extinction.

Chester Zoo are the most visited zoo in the UK and a conservation and education charity committed to preventing extinction. The zoo work with different organisations to highlight which species are under threat from extinction, and the conservation projects in place to save critically endangered animals such as the eastern black rhino, Bornean orangutan, and Malaysian elephants.

Their six regional field programs operate in over 30 different countries worldwide. One of their workshops looks at global threats to ecosystems, how different environmental conditions can shape the biodiversity of an area and the impact that changes within these ecosystems have on wildlife.

Students investigated the role of zoos and the importance of a holistic approach to conservation. Taking on the role of zoo conservationists, tasked with conserving endangered species and evaluating the effectiveness of conservation breeding programmes, educational interventions and in-situ conservation measures.

Our students had a fantastic day and returned to school with lots of animal facts.


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