English Reading for Empathy Workshop


English Empathy Workshop

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 were invited to take part in an Empathy Workshop hosted by our English department.

To support their understanding of emotional literacy they took part in a range of activities, including recitals, pledges and role play.

The students shared their personal experiences of reading fiction, and the power narrative plays in making us grow into better humans that lead meaningful lives.

Mrs O’Sullivan recited Wordsworth’s beautiful ‘Daffodils’, Miss Veevers performed ‘Storm on the Island’ and Mrs Ikram recited Whitman’s ‘O Captain’. The stars of the show were Goudy of 8A2 with her captivating recital of ‘Daffodils’ and Marrium of 7A2 with her sombre delivery of ‘O Captain’. A special mention must be made for Callum of 9A3 who played an excellent tree of empathy!

The empathy workshop was completed with everyone’s commitment to a peace charter, that all will work towards. Each participant received a small ‘bottle of dreams’ so they could treasure their aspirations, and a special empathy reminder in the form of a proverb or shared wisdom.

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