Employability Challenge – Thinking Outside the Box


careers outside the box employability

This Wednesday Year 9 BCHS students took part in a hands-on careers session filled with fun and practical challenges.

Rachel Brickell from Future U, and STEM Ambassador Michelle came into school for the day to run an employability challenge.

These challenges tested student’s employability skills and give them a taste of the types of activities used in assessment centres, which many employers and universities now use when selecting candidates for apprenticeships or courses.

The session helped to developed skills such as logic, timekeeping and creativity.

Students were helped to identify their strengths, work creatively, ‘think outside the box’, reflect on their learning and then identify areas for development.

Students also took part in a Future Connect Sector Skills Challenge which saw them competing in teams in a series of Sector Skills Challenges based on real world industry scenarios.

These challenges were fun and interactive (including some LEGO building) and helped develop skills such as team working, communication and problem solving.

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