Music is a unique form of communication that can change the way people feel, think and act.

Students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of musical activities, from singing, to instrumental skills, to music technology. A dedicated suite of computers enables students to record, edit and manipulate music on professional level software.

As well as classroom lessons we also welcome a team of instrumental specialists into school to offer one-to-one lessons on a range of instruments.

Students are encouraged to take part in performances to display their talents, with concerts and choir recitals taking place both in school and in the local community.

Music forms part of an individual’s identity and positive interaction with music can develop students’ competence as learners and increase their self-esteem. It can bring together intellect and feeling, encouraging personal expression, reflection and emotional development.

What do students study in Music?

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Unit 1: Rhythm.

Unit 2: Playing-a-round (keyboard skills). 

Unit 3: Danse Macabre. 


Unit 1: Blues music. 

Unit 2: My Minuet. 

Unit 3: Sibelius (music technology).


Under review. 

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Unit 7: Music sequencing.

Unit 1: The music industry.


Unit 5: Music performance. 

Unit 2: Creating a music product. 

Exam Specifications

Mar 13
Come join the pupils for their self organised concert in aid of @Derianhouse at 6pm @BCHS_uk
Dec 15
Singing carols in ASDA
Dec 14
Fantastic night at BCHS has got Talent! Well done to all the winners! @TeamCANW @BCHS_uk
Nov 24
Fantastic concert in an amazing venue #1200Lights @bchs_uk @TeamCANW
Nov 24
About to go on stage #1200 lights @TeamCANW