History deals with the past, but informs the present and the future. Full of interesting facts, stories and people, it helps students to reflect on their own lives by showing them the lives of others.

History students develop research, study, analysis and interpretation skills, providing them an opportunity to look at how our past has influenced the way we live today.

What do students study in History?

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Autumn: From Stone Age to 1066. Anglo-Saxon Britain. Norman Conquest - 1066 succession crisis; battle for the throne; establishing control.

Spring: Norman life - castles; feudal system; knights; villains; peasants and slaves; towns vs rural England; monasteries and religious life. Medieval England - Thomas Becket; Magna Carta; Crusades; Black Death; Peasants revolt.

Summer: Tudor England - Henry VII; Henry VIII; Renaissance and reformation; Edward VI; Mary I; religious persecution; Elizabeth I; religious settlement.


Autumn: Stuarts - witchcraft; Gunpowder Plot; James I; theatre and entertainment; Charles I. The English Civil War - soldiers; events; Cromwell.

Spring: Restoration Nation - glorious revolution; plague; Fire of London; later Stuarts and succession crisis; making of the UK; Jacobite rebellion; Stuart and Georgian culture. Empire - British Empire; slavery; American Independence; Empire in Africa and India.

Summer: Industrial revolution, Lancashire and the cotton industry. Victorian society and social reform. Immigration and migration over time.


Autumn: Reform and radical change - Great reform act and chartists; Luddites; Cooperative movement; votes for women; 19th century medicine. Crime and punishment - transportation; Sweeney Todd; Jack the Ripper. The First World War.

Spring: Nazi Germany holocaust - 1920s problems; Hitler; persecution of minorities; creation of Israel. World War II - causes; Dunkirk; Battle of Britain; blitz; Battle of the Atlantic; Pearl Harbour; Dresden; home front.

Summer: Genocide - Cambodia; Bosnia; Rwanda; Myanmar. Britain's place in the world post 1945 - NATO; EU; miner's strike; devolution; Northern Island; Brexit; State of the Union; P.I.E.S.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Autumn: Normans or People and Power.

Spring: USA or People and Power.

Summer: USA. People and Power or Revision.


Autumn: People and Power or Normans.

Spring: Conflict and Tension. Revision.

Summer: Revision.

Exam Specifications