Blackburn Central High School remains open for the children of key workers. Our staff continue to work during lockdown, please email to contact them. If students need to reset their password for Google Classroom please email


Our students experience a modern, world-class curriculum that will inspire, challenge and prepare them for their future as adults in the 21st Century.

Students at Blackburn Central High School acquire the skills, knowledge, understanding, values and attitudes necessary to achieve and develop into successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens who will make a positive contribution to society.

All students are offered a challenging curriculum appropriate to their abilities and needs. Every student will have the opportunity to take part in learning outside the confines of the classroom, e.g. field work, residential visits, vocational visits, and external speakers.

Learning outcomes related to developing the social and emotional aspects of learning are incorporated into the learning of every student. Cross-curricular dimensions and themes are delivered, in part, through themed cross-curricular days throughout the year.

During Year 7 students also take part in the Heart Curriculum, where key ideas and skills are incorporated into relevant lessons.

More information on the content of the curriculum students at Blackburn Central High School follow in each academic year and for every subject is available on each subject page.