Cultural Cohesion and Community Work


DfE Visitors

Representatives from HM Government’s Department of Education, Department for Communities and Local Government, recently visited Blackburn Central High School to discuss the cultural cohesion and community work that our school is renowned for.

In so many ways our students and staff work so well together that our visitors came all the way from London to see for themselves and speak with staff at BCHS, including Headteacher, Diane Atkinson and Deputy Headteacher, Shanaz Hussain, who both spoke at length about the number of many initiatives in school.

For example our popular Mums and Daughters Club, where female students come after school with mums, aunties, or big sisters, to enjoy henna tattoos, nail painting, hand massages and occasional cooking lessons.

This is soon to be followed up by a Dads and Lads Club, for male students and their male relations to take part in shared activities.

Another thing of interest to the visitors were the number of different nationalities at Blackburn Central High School and the family feel of the school, which staff, parents and teachers have often remarked upon and of which we are very proud.

We are hoping to be able to use our best practice with other schools both locally and nationally in the future.

DfE Visitors

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