Castle Construction Champions


Year 7 have been studying the Norman conquest of England, the 11th-century invasion and occupation by an army of Norman, Breton and French soldiers led by Duke William II of Normandy, AKA William the Conqueror.

Harold’s army confronted William’s invaders in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings; William’s force defeated Harold, who was killed in the engagement. To control his new kingdom, William gave lands to his followers and built castles commanding military strong-points throughout the land.

These castles became the Norman bases for the conquest of England. They were the original Gestapo brown houses – places of torture and imprisonment, built by a cowed peasantry they were designed to oppress.

As part of their History homework Year 7 students have been constructing their own castles, their work was of an incredibly high standard; Such a high standard that Mr Carrick decided a little competition was in order, Mrs Atkinson our Headteacher judged the winners who all were awarded with a certificate and vouchers.

Joint first place was awarded to Kiah and Rukhsar, with Thomas and Hana being awarded joint third. Kiah had constructed a grey Norman-style castle with working watch fires in the battlements and a draw bridge. Rukhsar had created a tan-coloured castle in a French chateaux style, using painted birdseed to add texture. Well done to the winners and to everyone who entered the Mr Carrick’s Castle Construction Competition.

After the results were announced Mr Carrick held a jousting tournament in celebration, with teams of three taking part: a knight who did the jousting, a squire who armed and armoured the knight, and a horse who pushed the chair-mounted knight along the lists.

Jousting was a martial competition between two lance wielding horsemen and was a very popular sport among the Anglo-Norman knighthood. The lances had blunted tips, and the horsemen tried to unhorse their opponent as they rode towards each other at high speed.

Mrs Ingham has continued the castle construction competition, with Maria winning first place for her amazing Norman-style castle, and Joao being awarded second place.

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