Cambridge University Visit


Mrs Sinclair and Mr Farrell joined a group of BCHS students on a visit to Cambridge University. The students enjoyed a taste of university life and were shown that university is achievable for all.

Student Ruqayya wrote about her amazing experience:

“After a long minibus journey we arrived at the Cambridge University campus, full of beautiful antique buildings, each ornately decorated with intricate patterns.

“We had a tour of the university and the different facilities each college provides. We also spent the night in the student accommodations at St John’s College. Because of this, we have better understanding of what a student would experience living at University.

“Amongst the activities we took part were workshops about child care, anthropology and a debating contest. We also got to hear from Cambridge students about their personal experiences at the University.

“As well as this, there was an excellent Q&A session, where we asked Cambridge students about their studies and the University.

“In our free time we were able to explore the campus more and enjoy some time in the city. We had a great time punting on the River Cam, under the picturesque Bridge of Sighs, the covered bridge built in 1831.

“Many people assume that Cambridge University is only for posh people, however this trip made me realise that if I work hard there is no reason why Cambridge cannot be a future opportunity.

“I very much enjoyed this trip, it gave me a good insight into what university will be like. The best part by far was punting on the river and getting to see the natural beauty around the campus.

“I am very grateful that I was lucky enough to go on this residential. I have now more fully considered my future opportunities, and have a different perspective than I had before.”

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