BCHS Summer School 2016


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BCHS with Crosshill have successfully held another summer school during the summer holidays. Despite government funding being withdrawn for Summer Schools, staff voluntarily worked with students from over 20 feeder primary schools in the Borough.

Summer school is a perfect opportunity for children making the leap from primary to secondary school, but for some it is daunting. Summer school gives them the chance to get to know the layout of their new school,  meet staff, such as their pastoral manager, Mrs Alison Deaville and other students in a relaxed setting and enjoy taster sessions of lessons.

They took part in literacy, numeracy and cookery lessons – and even made their own lunches.

Around 60 Year 6/7 children attended the three-day sessions – most were excited with their new friends “I made 3 new friends today, and I can’t wait for September.” “The teachers were nice and kind, they made me feel welcome at BCHS.” “I’m looking forward to coming in September – I love my new uniform”, were just a few of the many positive comments made by the soon-to be BCHS with Crosshill students.

“All of the students behaved perfectly and already are a credit to the school. We cannot stress enough the importance of summer school and how it helps settle our new intake of students before starting properly, as Year 7 students” added Mrs Shanaz Hussain, Deputy Headteacher.

All students were presented with certificates that acknowledged their input into a range of fun activities.

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