BAE Systems Residential at Lancaster University


BAE Systems Jet

During the summer break, students Skye, Leah, Keira, Zartasha and Summaiyah visited Lancaster University for a three-day residential to experience some of the job roles available at BAE Systems.

On the first day we were welcomed wholeheartedly and got to know some of the BAE Systems staff and a bit about them. We quickly made new friends during ice breaker activities, when we were put into groups of 5 to 7 different people, who at that point we didn’t know.

The main focus of the residential was to design and build a car from scratch, plus design a presentation board about our progress, car and teamwork. We tested our cars on an obstacle course, where we each took a turn driving to determine the best driver for the final competition.

We presented our project work to some very highly positioned people in BAE Systems during a formal dinner. The dinner was very nice, we had the chance to talk to some influential people from BAE Systems, and the night ended with a disco.

On the final day of the residential it was with much sadness that we packed our bags and vacated our dorm rooms. We met up with our parents who had come to watch us test our cars.

After the final competition, John, the organiser of the trip, announced the winners and presented all of the students with certificates and goodbye gifts. At the end of the day we were upset that we had to say goodbye to our newly made friends who we’d been happily working with.

During this residential we learnt a lot of skills that will be useful later on in life, such as electrical engineering and presenting, plus our confidence talking to new people and teamwork improved. We also learnt a lot about the engineering careers we could apply for in the future.

We recommend this residential to any student, it was a great experience.

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