BAE Systems, RAF & Royal Navy STEM Roadshow 2018


BAE STEM Roadshow 2018

All of our Year 7 and 8 students took part in an outstanding BAE Systems/RAF/Royal Navy sponsored STEM Roadshow this week.

The STEM Roadshow is a fun, curriculum-aligned, live interactive presentation that inspires students to follow STEM pathways.

This years roadshow enlightened students about the importance of Maths, and helped them see the connection between what they study in school and science, technology, engineering and maths uses in the wider world.

Firstly the cute, 70cm tall robot, called NAO made a return, to show off her programming. She danced a couple of times, answered questions, and righted herself when pushed over. Easy things for people to do, but very complicated for a machine.

Students volunteered to take part in the “Super Drainpipe Challenge” to prove how maths can be used to predict results accurately, such as where a heavy metal ball will land without injuring volunteers.

The presenters showed off how complex facial recognition systems are how they can’t be fooled with photographs or false beards. Similar voice recognition control systems are now used in fighter jets.

Additionally, students took part in demonstrations to show how weight must be carefully distributed on ships to stop them tipping over, and how many Newtons of force a single parafan can generate.

Finally, Blackburn Central High School students had the opportunity to ask questions, the majority of which were about the parafan and where they could buy one from.

You can discover more about the STEM Roadshow by visiting the BAE systems website and learn more about NAO here.

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