BAE Systems, RAF & Royal Navy STEM Roadshow 2019


STEM Roadshow 2019

Last week our Year 7 and 8 students took part in the “Are We Connected?” STEM Roadshow, sponsored by BAE Systems, the RAF, and the Royal Navy.

The Roadshow is a fun, curriculum-aligned, live interactive presentation that inspires students to follow STEM pathways.

Our students had the chance to learn about the electromagnetic spectrum. The Roadshow demonstrated night vision goggles by having a student open mystery boxes in a dark tent. The boxes contained a banana, a teddy-bear, and a snake!

Next they showed how mobile phone calls are sent from one phone to another, by using communication towers that forward on signals at near the speed of light.

The Roadshow staff also explained how important accurate communication is, by asking one student describe a drawing and another had to copy it by description alone. Both students did amazingly well as you can see in the photographs below.

The final section of the event covered infrared communication, such as used by TV remote controls, snakes, and Sphero remote control spheres. Our students had fun watching the Spheros “dance” and even got to race them.


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