Active Minds have fun at Outdoor Elements


Outdoor Elements

Yesterday some of our students took part in an ‘Active Minds’ initiative at Outdoor Elements in Simonstone.

These students have been working together to organise their own activity club during Friday progress times.

Their enrichment day at Outdoor Elements’ 7-acre woodland brought learning alive and enhanced their classroom-based work. They enriched their team work, communication and leadership skills.

The students took part in target archery, learning bow and arrow skills from an experienced instructor.

One of the most heart pounding activities was the Leap of Faith, where our students climbed a 30 foot totem pole. The rest of the team shouted encouragement from the ground as the challenger jumped from the platform at the top to high five a suspended buoy. Once they had made the leap the student was lowered safely back to the ground.

Our students had great fun climbing Jacob’s Ladder, a giant swinging ladder made of 6-inch beams reaching 40 foot high. The task was very physical and involved a lot of strength, flexibility and agility. Not everyone got to the top but they had great fun trying.

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